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No, Get Stretch’d is a family owned business. Founders, Dean and Kathy Johnson, are well-known in the community for the past 30 years, in their entrepreneurial journey in the magazine publication business and radio management. They, along with their grandson, and partner, Jagger, believe in the transformative benefits of stretching and their mission is to help their community achieve their wellness goals, one person at a time.
Assisted stretching allows your body to relax and push past your body’s normal range of motion that is halted by your stretch reflex. Our skilled stretch professionals provide active dynamic stretching and a “Push and Release” or PNP (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) with added resistance that will give you a deeper stretch with maximum benefits. You’ll experience isolated stretches that target specific muscle groups needed to give you relief.

Wear comfortable clothing so you can move freely during your stretch session. Please don’t forget to wear or bring your socks!  We provide complimentary spring water and encourage you to hydrate, facilitating a better stretch and range of motion.

No! When you take advantage of our multi-month memberships that include assisted stretches, we perform additional therapeutic modalities which may include acupressure, muscle gun treatments, muscle scraping, ice therapy, and stretch bands, at no additional cost.
Massage typically is a luxury but stretching is a necessity. When you elongate your connective tissue, you are increasing flexibility, mitigating pain and improving your overall body health.
Yes, stretching can eleviate/eliminate pain from head to toe, including sciatica, plantar fasciitis and lower back, hip and knee pain. It also increases circulation, flexibility and range of motion, reduces tension and body stress, improves mobility and decreases risk of injury.
You can see results immediately depending on the severity of your complications, but a consistent stretching plan will increase those health benefits over time. Just like any activity, consistency is key.
You are being stretched by well-trained professional certified stretchers who all have backgrounds in anatomy and psysiology ranging from physical therapy, occupational therapy, kinesiology, physical training and exercise science.
We take walk-ins and appointments, however, to guarantee availability, appointments are recommended.
We welcome clients starting from age 10 and up, however a parent or guardian will need to sign our waiver for anyone under the age of 18.
Sessions rescheduled more than 12 hours in advance will be credited to your account for future use. Sessions rescheduled within 12 hours or a NO SHOW, will constitute a credit usage on your membership for the respective month. Cancellations can be made by phone 352-820-3911 or email: info@getstretchedocala.com
We accept select FSA & HSA reimbursements on single stretches and memberships. We recommend that you consult your FSA administrator for approval before submitting for reimbursement.
All sessions must be prepaid. We accept cash, checks and credit card payments Mastercard, Visa and American Express. We also accept FSA and HSA debit cards.